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i'm like a rainstorm to people whose biggest fear is getting wet

sometimes i think i should be alone.

like my mind is a rubik's cube,

and no one will ever figure out the

correct combination to get all my colors aligned.

they get frustrated, and they give up.

it's too hard.

my emotions get in the way,

and then i'm crazy.

no, not feeling something, just crazy.


delusional. a mess.

sometimes i'd rather not appoint an 

external presence with all that i cannot explain.

sometimes i don't want to feel responsible

for a fucked up situation,

and go a whole week without wanting to

rip all the hair from my shaved head.

sometimes i just want to write

and sip my tea

and hear the echo of my own voice

because no one else is in the room with me.

- sasha hinds -

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