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Through poetry and prose, imagery and installation, Sasha Hinds uses her words and her voice to uplift, encourage, inspire, explore, and express her experiences and perspective of the world around her, and the world she is discovering for herself within. 

This world begins with Confessions of Confidence.


Confessions of Confidence (@confessionsofconfidencebygg), Sasha’s blog, created in December 2019 under the pseudonym GlitterGoddess, started as a way for her to anonymously share her private thoughts in a public space after an unfortunate tragedy in her life. But, being Sasha, trauma became fuel to move forward. Sasha sees vulnerability as a tool for liberation. Feeling free about her confidence, and at times her confusion, allowed her to connect with others who are also on a healing journey of their own.

“Why does confidence need to be confessed? Simply put, it doesn’t. People should be able to express the aspects of their life that make them feel special, sexy, proud, happy, whole, strong, secure, loved, and enlightened out loud! But, it’s not only about just those parts. We are human, and more often than we’d like to admit, we find ourselves feeling the complete opposite of those things. All of these feelings, whether they be linked to pride for doing something good, or inadequacy for making a mistake, make us the way we are. However, it is the courage to own them that is badass, and most definitely takes a ton of confidence.”

The exploration of this philosophy is what you'll find in this space.

Sasha Hinds is based in New York City.

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