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y o u

if you can be brave enough to

balance your benevolence

with your beauty,

your bounty,

your beating, bloody  h e a r t . . . 

if you can feel secure enough to

secrete from your psyche

your sweet and your sultry,

submitting to safety,

rearranging your set of  s t a n d a r d s . . . 

if you can eradicate enough of

your ego,

to establish new expectations

with new enlightenment,

a new  e x i s t e n c e . . . 

from a knight to a  k i n g .

royal at your best,

human at your worst...

i accept it all,

punishment and pleasure alike.

from a  k i n g ,

no less,

i will,

and i do.

- sasha hinds -

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